While X-ing Mason Dixon, This Week

Here’s a new thing. Weekly happenings posts. This week isn’t even over yet and I don’t want it to be because it’s National Ag Week! I was too busy working and doing life things to blast social media about agriculture the way I planned to. There is one more day so I’ll have to try.

Here’s some weekly things I did instead of blogging about Ag Week:

.. St. Patricks day happened. We didn’t do much but Tom have the best St. Patrick’s day tradition- a shrimp feed at a firehouse down the road. We’ve been going since before we were dating and he still had gauged ears. Way back. It is this Saturday and we’re more than excited.

..I spent all week inspecting baby chicks at local feed stores. So far 11 stores and 1500 chicks. Not complaining one bit and I’m proud to say I haven’t bought a single chick.

..Yesterday I scored an emu egg for my mom who is teaching 3yr olds about Australia. She’s been asking me for one for forever. Occasionally they come through our poultry auction but never when she needed it. Early this week I got an assignment: go test 6 week old emu chicks. Score. The super nice owner gave me a consolation egg. ps. did you know emu chicks don’t have wings?

..The highlight of my week to date was a Java Chip Frappuccino courtesy of a gift card from a sweet friend at church. I haven’t had one of these in two whole years. coffee drinks = bliss.

..I also did take a picture of a hamburger for National Agriculture Week maybe I’ll post it. It’s really hard to do social media and drive and inspect chicks and chase emus and drink coffee.

Anyhow, happy St.Patricks day/Ag week week!


Just a Name Change #tbt

The last day of our honeymoon we stopped here. A BBQ restaurant in Salisbury, MD. And I got so excited I just about jumped out of the car. 

Taylor ‘s BBQ? What are the chances! Pretty good according to Tom. There are a lot of Taylors. I wanted a picture.

Me: Should we ask them if we are related?
Tom: No.
Me: But they could be, then we’d have family that makes BBQ.
Tom: Probably not.

Tom didn’t think Rick Taylor running for sheriff was a relative either. It still doesn’t get old but there are really a lot of Taylors. I’m actually not a Taylor. I write it on everything and claim to be. Five months after being married I still haven’t legally changed my name. Truth. It started out because of medical insurance, I didn’t think it would cover me if I changed me name half way through a knee surgery process. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered.  Now it’s just a hassle and I keep putting it off. Anyone else procrastinate on something so important? I met a woman who waited three years. This picture just motivated me. Mostly because I wanted to make it my profile picture and Tom reminded me of one small detail. Just a name change.


2014 | The Year I got a Husband

2014 was the year I got a husband.
And not just any husband, the best husband.

If you’ve met Tom, you know how funny he is and that he has a beard- no one let’s him forget that. He has a beard. The man has a beard. If you talked to Tom you would know more about guns, you would know what’s new with the Baltimore ravens and probably something funny he heard from a farmer or some joke he saw on facebook.

If you worked with Tom, you would notice that he is always patient and he’s always in a good mood. The man is always in a good mood.

If you married Tom, your phone would get plugged in every morning, you would hardly ever have to cook dinner and your life would be better than you ever expected.

2014 was the year I married Tom. So you are out of luck.

Praying under a pine tree at twelve years old I asked God if I could just get a hint of my husband’s name. Just his name so I knew he was out there. I guessed a lot of names but I never guessed Tom.

Then I met Tom and I didn’t have to guess. The man has a beard, he’s funny, he loves farming, he fixes tractors, likes guns, uses facebook, cooks dinner, plugs in my phone, and is always patient and always kind. Husband material. My husband material. Marrying him made 2014 my luckiest year yet.

How Tom Proposed (11/16/13)

917 days before this exact moment Tom Taylor made me scrambled eggs in his kitchen. He made his family some too, right then I decided I might want to marry him- we weren’t even dating yet. 
I’m sure the scrambled eggs were good but not I-want-to-marry-you good. Sitting at the kitchen table that morning, I realized he was my best friend, my best friend who made me breakfast, my best friend who cared enough to make his family breakfast too, my best friend who I was in love with. In the days since then I prayed for this exact moment.

There was an eternity between now and this, or at least 917 days which is close enough.

I saw his faith, his patience, his kindness, I saw him really really really mad.
Then I saw him hold out a ring, get down on one knee and ask me about forever. 
It was a Saturday afternoon, I knew all day that he was going to propose. For two weeks and six days I knew Tom had bought a ring. The ring I picked out on Pinterest half a year ago. I found out because we got in a fight about if we were EVER going to get married. I brought it up for the 132nd time. I said something about maybe we weren’t suppose to date if we weren’t EVER going to get married. He said something about if you don’t want to be with me you should of thought of that before I bought a ring. A ring! He bought a ring. I cried. I asked him if it was the ring I had picked out. He told me to stop asking questions. 

It was all pretty typical really, me being too impatient to let it just happen and him having it under control the whole time. Weeks went by (almost three of them). It was a wonder I did anything but stare at the picture of the ring. Then I overheard Tom ask my dad for my hand in marriage. They were in our living room and I heard the whole thing from the top of the stairs, he was so nervous- it was adorable. The next day my mom asked me “what’s this thing Tom is talking about?” I tried to look like I had no clue but she knew that I knew. We hugged and cried from excitement. I pulled up Pinterest and we started planning the wedding. Centerpieces and all. He still hadn’t proposed.

Back to that Saturday. Even though I knew he was going to propose, he picked the moment I was least expecting it- while I had our llama tied to a fence getting ready to brush him (we had family coming over that night and I wanted the llama to look good even if I didn’t have a ring to show off). It makes the story hard to explain because when I get to that part people ask “wait, you have a llama?”- which we do. Our llama is proof of how much Tom loves me.

Funny how 917 days feels like 917 years then all of a sudden your best friend is down on one knee in a field next to a llama asking you to marry him. It was pretty perfect. He is pretty perfect too and I can’t wait for our lifetime together.

Christmas Card Outtakes 2013

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who insists on taking a new photo for Christmas every year.  This year I wanted one that captured how cute my soon-to-be family is (Tom, me and the dogs). Tom thinks traditions like this are proof that I grew up in the Suburbs.

It took about fifty dozen photos and more than a few smart comments from my future Husband to get a card worthy photo. Really I should of just stopped with this one ^ because it captures our little family to a T.

Can you tell my new dog loves taking Christmas card photos? ^ Just loves it.

In the process I learned that photographing the black dog is going to take some creativity. Can you see him? ^ This is after I lightened the shadows up more than a bit.

How about now?^  And how about that crazy yellow glow in all the photos? That’s because the only overhead light in Tom’s living room has a reddish orange shade on it, perfect.

Well this is awkward.


Luckily, I have at least one dog who is more than used to posing for photos. And a very patient fiancé.


Take Your Boyfriend to Work Day

After convincing Tom that working for the state is the best gig around, he applied for a State mechanic position. He got called for an interview just 10 minutes from my office in Annapolis and needed to kill time before the intervew so we made yesterday Take Your Boyfriend to Work Day!
Everyday should be Take Your Boyfriend to Work Day. Especially when your boyfriend is a mechanic who fixes things. I was dead set on giving him the full exprience of my job so we stopped at my typical dunkin donuts {ate way too many munchkins}, met everyone in my office and I roped him into helping me organize our inventory. At a tractor dealership they organize inventory everyday, as an inspector I do it once a year, if I have too. Turns out inventory management isn’t as hard or as complicated as I make it out to be, neither as my job according to Tom. 
As I was complaining about how nothing would fit on our metal shelves and how we never had enough space, Tom went and adjusted the height of the middle section on each of shelves so everything would fit. I couldn’t offer him a hammer or a screw driver because I had never used one in the office before. The difference between hiring a girl vs. a guy? Not sure, but his shelving remodel gave me motivation to do more and complain less. I can move shelves around too, just never thought of it… 
The main reason I wanted him to come to our office was to help me think of a way to store bins in our emergency response box trailers without them sliding around when the trailers move. I’ve been thinking about it for about 5 months. It took Tom 4 minutes. “Just buy a regular shelf metal shelf, and flip it upside down so the lip will keep the bins from moving, then mount the shelf to the trailer walls.” Right. Like I said, everyday should be Take Your Boyfriend to Work Day. 
Plus we got to eat at Red Hot & Blue together!
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