Toddler Must Haves

Toddler Must Haves

Hi friends. Happy Friday! Here are some of my must haves for #raisingbabies, toddler edition.

  1. Chicco NextFit Carseat– It took us forever to decide what carseat to upgrade to. I was hesitant to buy the Chicco NextFit because it’s on the expensive side but it is so worth it. You won’t fight with your toddler and your carseat every morning.
  2. Amazon Basics Backpack– Every toddler needs a book bag. Bonus points if they can carry it themselves.
  3. Rain boots– Having a pair of rain boots by the door is a must have because rain puddles and creeks and farms and #toddlerlife.
  4. Ikea Easel– Ours is in our living room because it’s that much fun- also pictionary.
  5. Step stool– Until I bought one, I realized I was picking Tommy up to wash his hands every day and was like what the heck- step stools!
  6. Munchkin Cup– Best invention for parenting toddlers since diapers.
  7. Everyone Poops Book– It’s a classic. Tommy’s favorite book, because he has good taste in books
  8. Ikea Potty– We’re just started potty training- wish us luck.
  9. Magnatiles– These are the best. They have so many good reviews on Amazon. Don’t let the price scare you, they are worth it. Ask for them for a birthday/special occasion if you can’t buy them yourself.
  10. Cozy ‘heavy’ blanket- This is our little guy’s favorite blanket. We got ours at Cracker Barrel (weird I know). There is something about heavy blankets that seem to help toddlers sleep better (at least my toddler). Tommy calls it his ‘heavy’ blanket and asks for it every night.

I would love to know what your toddler must haves are! Anything helps- am I right? Here’s to raising babies. Or do I have to say toddler now?



Friday Favorite | Ultra Lightweight Tingley Boots

Ultra Lightweight EVA Boots by Tingley

Not everyone will appreciate the magic that is this pair of boots but if you wear rubber boots for a living you might. The first time I picked one up I thought it was a joke.  Like just the insert of a real boot or a display prop to show you what the real boot looked like. Socks are heavier than these boots. I didn’t buy them for a whole week thinking there was no way they were worth $35 but rubber boots are mandatory for state livestock inspectors and I lost my last pair driving down the highway.

These boots are magic. Like walking on air magic. I can’t stop talking about them, I even started taking one off as I am wearing them to hand to people- “feel how light this is”, which is kind of awkward.

The ag supply store clerk sold me on them when he said he knew dairy farmers that wore them in the winter and they seemed to hold up. The description says they are made from ethylene vinyl acetate, which, now that I’m thinking about it might not hold up to the strong disinfectant we use but if they hold up at all they’ll be a favorite forever.

You can buy them on amazon: 
and be equally impressed.

ps. if you have these and they are junk you are going to break my heart but let me know in the comments.


Friday Favorite | STROSA Ikea Plates

Not even 20 minutes after moving into our house I started picking out dinnerware.
I was a fiesta ware fanatic since childhood. Any other kids swear on the plates they would serve family meals on a decade in advance?

Fiesta ware would have won out but those are some heavy plates. Like really heavy. Still a fan though. Instead, I bought these on our first and only trip to Ikea. STROSA dinnerware. So light and pretty. They are a robins egg blue that looks good in any light. Is weird that picked plates and bowls based on how they would look in photos for blogging about food? Definitely weird. Definitely did it. Definitely a favorite.

Aztec Jamberry Nails

I wasn’t big on doing nails until these Aztec Jamberry nail wraps converted me. How prettttyyy. My sister-in-law sells Jamberry and these and cow spot ones were the first I bought. Or she might have given them to me. That was probably a year ago. I found the rest of sheet the other day and keep meaning to put them on. I love these Aztec Jamberrys, apparently this pattern is on the “extinct list” so you can’t buy them anymore which is a shame. Jamberrys overall are pretty fun but my application skills aren’t the best and part of me fears manure will get stuck in under the nail adhesives. Or animal guts. Not that I play in manure and we wear gloves during necropsies but you know. They are lovely though.