Meaty Monday | Stuffed Pork Chops

Our local butcher makes these for special occasions. Or maybe they have them all the time but we only get them for special occasions. They are pretty amazing. Since our butcher carries them, we haven’t tried to make them ourselves but I need to learn soon.

Pi Day Pie | FMD Strawberry Walnut Pie

Today, 3.14.15 I made a pie. I mean how could you not?  I would always regret it. Except Tom and I are 6 days in to the 28 day fast metabolism diet and pie isn’t really a part of it. This pie is kind of masterpiece in that it has no sugar. The crust is a pre-made rice flour one and the filling is just strawberries, coconut oil, coconut and crushed walnuts. Pi day made me do it.

Smoked BBQ Mustard Honey Ribs

This is Tom’s banging rib recipe. Part of a feast we pigged (get it?!) out on last Sunday while the Ravens crushed the Buccaneers. Best $25 we ever spent was on a smoker to cook goodness like this.

Smoked BBQ Mustard Honey Ribs

1 rack of pork ribs
some honey
some mustard
some olive oil
a bunch of rib rub

1. Pull membrane off of ribs
2. cover with a mixture of the honey, mustard and olive oil
3. rub generously with rib rub
4. place in a smoker for 5 hours at 250, wrap in foil the last 1/2 hour

Shrimp + Avocado Salad FMD Day 15

Shrimp + Avocado Salad (FMD Phase 3) 

romaine lettuce
onion cut up
red peppers
1/2 lb pre-cooked frozen shrimp
1/2 of a avocado
low fat cesar dressing