Crossing Mason Dixon


How I Landed The Best Job Ever

“Agricultural Inspector I- Maryland Department of Agriculture. Assists with Maryland’s Contagious Equine Metritis Quarantine (CEM) Station  Equine emphasis, needs knowledge of contagious and infectious diseases of livestock.” It was in a newspaper job listing, folded over and circled by my second boyfriend’s sweet mother.She put it on the kitchen table and everyday for at least […]


A whole day to give thanks and eat food is the best. Especially if you are pregnant. Especially if you are pregnant and your biggest food craving is turkey. Mmmmm turkey. Sweet turkey and stuffing and gravy and cranberry sauce and green beans and sweet potato casserole.. No joke, turkey has been my biggest pregnancy […]

The Only One who makes the moon reflect the sun..

“I’m giving my life to the only One who makes the moon reflect the sun.Every starry night, that was His design.I’m giving my life to the only Son, who was and is and yet to comeLet the praises ring, ’cause He is everything‘Cause He is everything From the autumn leaves, that will ride the breezeTo […]

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