Corgi Lobster

A corgi dressed as a lobster is a dream I’ve had for a long time.
I don’t think my dog understands why.

I don’t either and when all the lobster dog costumes online weren’t lobstery enough, I almost gave up on my dream. Then, my sister- who gets me like no one else-  found this gem at a TJMax in Hagerstown for $11.00.
Dreams do come true. 

Wiffle ball eye

I got hit in the eye with a wiffle ball. And had to go to the emergency vet. My mom must love me because my eye is fine and she spent a chunk of money.

Dog Shaming

I’ve been wearing mom jeans since college, aka cheap Old Navy jeans. I bought two pairs of nice designer jeans and I was really excited about them. One day Tom and I went to church and Kiptyn got locked in a crate…….now I only have one pair.
My dog hates being locked in a crate. He will drag in anything nearby and  shred it. You could say it was my fault for leaving the jeans close by….I think the circumstances justfiy dog shaming.

You can’t take a herding dog sledding.

He’ll chase you all the way down the hill.

Christmas Card

Every year I make my own Christmas card. This year Pintrest had the cutest idea…

Somehow, I don’t think this is what it was suppose to look like ^ That poor pitiful dog! The daschund in the pinterest post looked like he was having a blast, leave it to mine to be over dramatic.
12 more “woe is me” shots and I finally got a good one. My dog is adorable.  Merry Christmas!