Corgi Lobster

A corgi dressed as a lobster is a dream I’ve had for a long time.
I don’t think my dog understands why.

I don’t either and when all the lobster dog costumes online weren’t lobstery enough, I almost gave up on my dream. Then, my sister- who gets me like no one else-  found this gem at a TJMax in Hagerstown for $11.00.
Dreams do come true. 

Wiffle ball eye

I got hit in the eye with a wiffle ball. And had to go to the emergency vet. My mom must love me because my eye is fine and she spent a chunk of money.

Dog Shaming

I’ve been wearing mom jeans since college, aka cheap Old Navy jeans. I bought two pairs of nice designer jeans and I was really excited about them. One day Tom and I went to church and Kiptyn got locked in a crate…….now I only have one pair.
My dog hates being locked in a crate. He will drag in anything nearby and  shred it. You could say it was my fault for leaving the jeans close by….I think the circumstances justfiy dog shaming.

Christmas Card

Every year I make my own Christmas card. This year Pintrest had the cutest idea…

Somehow, I don’t think this is what it was suppose to look like ^ That poor pitiful dog! The daschund in the pinterest post looked like he was having a blast, leave it to mine to be over dramatic.
12 more “woe is me” shots and I finally got a good one. My dog is adorable.  Merry Christmas!

DIY Dog Bed

DIY dog bed—-> Cut comforter in half, sew like a pillow case, stuff other half inside. Easy and inexpensive if you already have the comforter. Also, no foam or filling makes it easy to clean 🙂