Crossing Mason Dixon

Conversations W/ My Husband

Conversations w/My Husband: Shark Week

  Me: wait, sharks have live young? Tom: yeah Me: but they aren’t mammals Tom: no Me: but they have live young? Tom: think about what being a mammal means Me: right so…are they mammals? Tom: seriously? You majored in dairy science and you don’t know if a shark is a mammal? Me: dairy science, […]

Conversations W/ My Husband: Pancake Shop

Me: I have a business idea. Tom: Raising hogs? Me: It came to me in a dream. Tom:……………. Me: Pancakes to-go.  Tom: What happened to raising hogs? Me: Picture this- I’ll rent out one of those amish shed things like Crabby Scott hasTom: Crabby scott has a trailer.Me: Even better I’ll rent a trailer and […]

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