Stacking Hay (again)

We (and by we I mean the neighbor farmer who leases Tom’s family’s land for corn and soybeans) make hay every year. Like how I owned that. So yeah we (Tom’s family) lease some land to a local farmer and instead of money he pays in hay. Orchard grass to be exact. Hay is just grass. Did you know that? It took me awhile to catch on but by high school I figured it out. In the summer when the grass (hay) has grown tall enough for long enough and it’s dry enough it gets cut. Then it lays out in the sun for awhile. Then it gets bailed and then it gets stacked.

That’s what we did today. Stacked hay. And I just blogged about it (again). It’s the yuppie farmer in me.

Go-at It Weed Control: Job # 2

We used goats to clear a small brush pile at Tom’s farm this weekend. I let five goats Go-at it on Sunday..
and by Monday afternoon….
 …you can see all the cinder blocks Tom has been missing.

Falling off the {hay} wagon

I love stacking hay. At least that’s the big talk I talk until my arms are sore four bales in. Tom’s hay is made by his neighbor in exchange for soybean and corn acreage. This year he made 392 bales.

We were a hour away house sitting a chihuahua, two shih tzus and a parrot when Tom got the “hay is ready” text from his mom. 
Considering I hadn’t been to the gym all week and just said I needed to get back on the work-out/healthy eating wagon (soon as I eat 1/2 a bag of M&Ms and watch six more episodes of Girl Code). I should have been ecstatic. And I really was but I may or may not have tried to get out of it by saying someone (me!) should stay with the dogs.
We went and good thing because it kicked my butt enough to make me actually work-out once I recovered and because photo op! I was so set on getting this picture of us in the wagon that I started posing ahead of time. Then slipped on some loose hay. And fell off the wagon. In. slow. motion. In front of his whole family. My shin has a huge bruise so I can’t soon forget it. It was hysterical and extremely humbling. Just as humbling as trying to stack my share of 392 hay bales.

New Calf

This little guy is the newest addition to Fair Haven Farms. He is a Scottish Highland bull calf who is suppose to go in the freezer in about 15 months. I’m all about raising our own meat but is it just me or is he too cute to eat? (just kidding, there’s no such thing.)

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