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Find Yourself a Moms Group

August 1, 2019

Find yourself a moms group. My mom was the first one to tell me to go to MOPS. I was asking her a bunch of questions about the baby I was about to have. “Just find a moms group, it will keep you sane.” I thought moms group sounded…awkward. I didn’t have a baby yet, I couldn’t relate. All the moms at my church already had babies and…

Life Motherhood

I QUIT my job

July 23, 2019

I QUIT my job. Friends, this is such a big deal to our little family and before you think, wow girl, must be nice, let me tell you how heart-wrenching, painstaking, fear evoking hard this was. Not just was, still is. We are a working class family. Blessed but we both have to work kind of family. When I first had the idea to stay home it wasn’t,…

Life Motherhood

Life After Infant Loss

May 18, 2019

Hi friends, I haven’t written much since the birth of our babies in August so I wanted to let you know how we are. All I can say is God does miraculous things with broken hearts. When I thought about life after infant loss, I thought about all the things I would not be able to do– get out of bed, go to work, have another baby, be…


Today Wasn’t Hard + Scooby-Doo Stickers

September 12, 2018

Keeping it real. Ever since I had a #pulmonaryembolism two weeks ago, I have doctor appointments on top of doctors appointments. On top of doctors appointments. At least that is how it feels because one doctor appointment will wipe you out. So does making the bed. Sheesh. So today Tom’s mom watched Tommy while I went to the doctor, then she left and I remembered I had to…


The Birth of Eliza Joy and Ensley Grace

September 2, 2018

We did it. On August 6th, 2018 at 8:35 PM I gave birth to our twins: Eliza Joy and Ensley Grace Taylor. They are so perfect and beautiful and now with Jesus. Our twins were born without unforeseen complications via a c-section at 32 weeks. Their birth was absolutely beautiful which is a true testimony of God’s love and provision for us. Eliza and Ensley died from complications from…