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Please Don’t Wipe my Child’s Face

May 17, 2021

It happened again, the cashier at Wal-Mart beside herself trying to help me wipe my kids’ faces. “They are so messy”, she exclaims. “Oh my gosh let me see what I have to help you”, digging for paper towels. I look at my kids, enjoying a frosted donut. They look fine to me. Happy even. “Oh, they are ok.”, I say. She says, “No, just let me get…


Amazon Cyber Monday Deals for Kids

November 28, 2020
amazon cyber monday deals

Hi guys. Do you love a good Cyber Monday Deal? Ever since we started our super budget (I’ll have to tell you about it) I have been more picky wihh kids toys and gifts that are actually fun. Most of our toys for Tommy this year are thrifted but sometimes Amazon has better deals. Anyways, here are the best Amazon Cyber Monday deals I found for kids, mostly…


How we’ve been

November 23, 2020

Hi, how are you? I hope you are well! It has been a minute. True story, I had twins. And then disappeared because… I had twins. But they are ten months old now and I can wiggle away to type on a computer. I know. It is VERY exciting. Both parts, the twins part and the freedom I now have type on a computer. This is so fun.…


You Would Have been Two

August 6, 2020

You would have been two.Both of you.I asked your Dad if he still thinks about you.He says of course and I do too. There’s a little girl at church, she is also two.When I look at her, I think about you. Something happened the day you were bornHeaven met earth in an operating room.Joy came in where grief should have been.We loved you forever, we met you just…

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Under the Stars

July 11, 2020

Two hours past his bed time I decide to sit out under the stars. We watch airplanes and count stars and we see a shooting star or was it a lightning bug? We still aren’t sure. Then he asks me, Mommy, are aliens real? I say, no, but God is. He’s slient thinking about it. Then says, but aliens ARE real people just don’t know it because everyone…