Hi I’m Emily and Jesus is so good to me

Hi, my name is Emily and Jesus is so good to me. Welcome to my blog, I am so glad you are here. If there is one thing I want to tell you it’s, “hi, my name is Emily and Jesus is so good to me.”

I am a homemaker / blogger / youtuber

I live in South Central PA with my husband Tom, and our three kids, Tommy (5 yr), Ira (2) and Edith (2 mo). In 2019 I was able to quit a full time job so I could stay home and raise our kids. I love creative work so in addition to raising babies I shot videos, blog and build WordPress websites. You can see my website work here.

I had five kids in three years

Our first son Tommy is five. After Tommy we had identical twin girls, Eliza and and Ensley who died after they were born in August 2018 and then we had another set of twins, Edith and Ira born January 2020.

I had a terminal pregnancy

At twelve weeks we were told our twin daughters had limb body wall complex and doctors reccommended we terminate their pregnancy immediately. Tom and I decided not to, trusting instead in God’s sovereign will for our babies who we named Eliza and Ensley. They were born at 32 weeks, just about full term and died peacefully one minute after being born. Our sweet daughters taught us more about Jesus than anyone or anything else ever could.

God Keeps His Promises

I started having visions from God at a very young age. In one of them God told me I would have twins. I always knew it to be true, always believed it. But when we found out our babies were going to die at birth it felt like God took away the very thing He told me would happen. Imagine my surprise when nine months after we lost Eliza and Ensley, I was pregnant again, with twins–again. God keeps His promises. I do not know why our story has gone the way it had but I know firsthand the grace and perfect will of a God who loves us.

Hi, my name is Emily and Jesus is so good to me.