about ME

Hi, I am Emily Taylor, wife to the sweetest husband, mom to the sweetest toddler, complete in Jesus Christ.

I started my blog in 2007- as a distraction from studying to become a veterinarian in college. Because I am way better at the internet than I will ever be at organic chemistry (know what I mean).

When I’m not online, I balance life as a wife and mother while working a full-time job as a state livestock health inspector (it’s a job that is as crazy and fun as it sounds.) 

My college degree is in animal agriculture which I dearly love. My husband Tom and I live in Pennsylvania outside of Gettysburg but work in Maryland and are always crossing the Mason-Dixon line, hence the name of this blog of ours. I write what is on my heart and am a big believer in sharing stories (all the stories).

I came to know God when I was seventeen in an experience that forever changed my life. I think I love stories so much because God is in the middle of it all. The good, the average, the bad– if we acknowledge Him or not God is always with us. That is the best story of all. Thanks for reading this story of ours.



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