Amazon Cyber Monday Deals for Kids

November 28, 2020

Hi guys. Do you love a good Cyber Monday Deal? Ever since we started our super budget (I’ll have to tell you about it) I have been more picky wihh kids toys and gifts that are actually fun. Most of our toys for Tommy this year are thrifted but sometimes Amazon has better deals. Anyways, here are the best Amazon Cyber Monday deals I found for kids, mostly for ages 3-5 but some, any age would love. These ideas are fresh off of my Mega List of Amazon Finds for Kids 3-5 year olds.

Here are 15 Cyber Monday Deals on Amazon for Kids 3-5 years old

  1. Climbing Rope Swing – $23.19 – Swings are fun, we are thinking about this one indoors for our basement playroom makeover
  2. Water Beads – $6.79 – the best gift unless you have babies in the house, I’ll have to tell you about the time the twins ate water beads
  3. Corgi doll – $21.99 – would I pay $21.99 for this? Yes! Seriously though, stuffed dogs make awesome gifts for pretend play
  4. Real Tool Belt – $39.99 – actual real tools for kids is always a good idea
  5. Snuggle Swing – $23.09 – I want one for me, also a great idea for a playroom
  6. Fort Kit – $29.97 – we make so many forts that I think this is worth it
  7. Little People – $29.50 – these are great little people for pretend play, much better than the chunky little people that are hard to find
  8. Forrest Animal Stacker – $15.56v – these are good for extend play, adding to wooden blocks for example and they are cheaper than a lot of wooden toys I have seen
  9. Butterfly House -$20.99 – this is the best gift! Have you watched a butterfly grow yet. The butterfly come separate but it includes a voucher
  10. Stacking Pegs – $15.27 – our most played with toy are these peg stackers (our our an older model) perfect for quiet play
  11. Spider Web Swing – $54.99 – this one is not listed as a cyber monday deal but it is cheaper than the cyber monday deal one and just as good of quality
  12. Remote Control Car – $19.99 – every year I look to buy a remote control car I have no idea except they are so fun, this is a good price for one that goes outside and in grass
  13. Keyboard -$34.99 – this is an excellent price, I am not sure of the quality compared to better known keyboards but for a kids first keyboard it makes a great gift
  14. Learning Resources Veggie Sort – $30.99 – these are so fun and it is a great price! Endless learning and play possibilites
  15. Kids Walkie Talkies – $18.69 – walkie talkies are a childhood stample if you have friends / neighbors /siblings, this is a good brand

Happy shopping friends. I would love to hear what deals you are finding if I missed anything. Check out my Mega Amazon List For kids 3-5 years old. if you need more ideas. I hope you are well! Can you believe it is almost Christmas?

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