How we’ve been

November 23, 2020

Hi, how are you? I hope you are well!

It has been a minute. True story, I had twins. And then disappeared because… I had twins. But they are ten months old now and I can wiggle away to type on a computer. I know. It is VERY exciting. Both parts, the twins part and the freedom I now have type on a computer. This is so fun. The typing part. And the twins part. How do you type again? My brain is mush, I haven’t slept in ten months but we are good! If you need an accurate picture to that depicts my life currently; it is this.

This picture aka how I’ve been: Running on coffee, house is a mess, twins napping, (the only time I have free hands), still splurging on take away coffee even though I stay home (its a problem) (not because of COVID, just because of money, where’s the budget?) and Tommy may or may not have pants on. Hey-oh! How is life going for you?

The twins are great and so much fun but also, twins are HARD. No one tells you that. Jk. Everyone does. But it is true. In the best way of course. Ira (left) and Edith (right) are doing great. I have managed to brestfeed for ten months, no small victory I will have to tell you about it. They are six months old in this picture (above), it’s the first picture I found when I opened my computer so here it is. I have to dig for a new one. Hold one. Hold on, not one. See I can’t type. But yes, come hold one. Ok one second. ps. how do you organize photos because I have them evr’y where.

Here they are at the park yesterday. One thing no one told me about twins is you almost never get them looking the same direction in a photo, ever.

It is finally cold here in Pennsylvania. This picture is brought to you by the kind mom at the park who gave me socks for Edith. If there is one thing beyond my capabilities, it is keeping track of socks for small children. Where do all the baby socks go and how do I keep track of them? If anyone asks where I’ve been for the last ten months, nursing babies and searching for socks. That’s the summary.

I did find these wonderful baby bootie things on Amazon and they work well except the velcro needs to be tighter because I keep loosing them too. Also I need 15 pairs. . Anyways, moving on!

In other news Tommy Taylor is also great. Man I love this kid. Being home with him is best. Four is so much better than three. I am sure everyone says their kid is funny but he is really funny. He is doing great with his brother and sister, already picking on Ira and favoring Edie because she is a girl (and she is just so sweet he says). Not sure where it comes from except Ira screamed his first seven months of life so there’s that.

Oh yeah! Big news, baby Ira stopped screaming! Yay! I don’t think I talked about it at all one here because, I’ve been too busy trying to figure out why. Turns out he had really bad reflux and a dairy ‘sensitivity’. More on that later, I still think it is a conspiracy but I’ve been dairy (and soy) free since he was born and he FINALLY stopped screaming. Thankfully giving up coffee made no difference for him, thankful for small favors. Ps. goat milk is the best, I will have to tell you about it. Ira still has moments of scream crying which I think is just his personality but it is so much better.

Here he is cute and innocent, like who me? One thing I did not see coming, the amount of time twins take and especially with one crying all day and how very little you can get done in a day. Like duh. But until it happens to you, well it is mind numbing. Seriously, what day is it? Normally I am a low or no screen time parent (or I aspire to be) but recently, 32 episodes of Paw Patrol is our normal. What’s the term, ‘new normal’? Just playing (too soon). I am trying to ‘homeschool preschool’ for Tommy so he has something else to do. I will have to share about it more. Basically I want to send him to part time preschool but it is just not in our budget right now.

Speaking of budget. I did not equate leaving my job would put us on such a super tight budget. Naive much? We are on a super budget. I would love to hear what you did to make a super budget work. I am having a hard time giving up coffee out, which is as obnoxious as it sounds. Bigger question: how do you work and stay home with small children? Tom took on a second job building furniture wiht my brothe so I can continue to stay home, which I am so thankful for but also, we never see him. I thought I would be working my web design job but it’s rare that I am not holding, rocking, feeding babies and strangely nap time with two babies is twice as short as nap time with one. Now that the twins eat solid foods (I love breastfeeding but also when they started eating solid food it’s like a whole new world of possibilities) and since they both (mostly) sleep through the night I think I can start working. I pray I can make it work because we really need money. I am able to get up at 4:00 AM (power hour!) to work on the computer some and I hope I can turn it into real actual work. I just made a website for my brother kanddcreations.com and I just need like twenty more websites in my portfolio before I feel legit. No biggie.

Ok that’s it for me! I think I just realized I need a new camera lens because all the pictures I take with it turn out blurry like this one^ and it’s making me really sad so I am going to get off here and try to find some work so I can like actually buy things. I would love to know how you are! How you have been? Also, can we all bring blogs back? I so miss reading other peoples’ blogs. TikTok just is not the same is it?

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!

Always thankful, always grateful,


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