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Easter Basket Ideas You Can Get From Walmart Pickup

April 4, 2020

Hi dear friends. I hope you are well. Here is a list of Easter basket ideas you can add to you Walmart pickup order. I have to say, I have loved the time away from stores and mindless shopping but when I thought about putting together an Easter basket (we keep it small) without wandering through Target dollarspot or Dollar tree I was like….

But I did some research and all of these items can be added to your walmart grocery pickup order– and they are all things kids (3-5s) really like.

1. card games– $5.97
2. sidewalk chalk– $0.97
3. meridian led flower night light- $3.88
4. ozark trail led camping light– $3.46
6. alphabet magnets– $1.97
7. hole punch– $1.28
8. high bounce rubber ball– $1.50
9. bath bombs– $3.97
10. headlamp-$1.00
11. dominoes– $5.88
12. tempra paint-$1.77
13. paint brushes-$2.97
14. watercolor– $1.97
15. ribbon twirlers– $2.97
16. rainbow ribbon– $1.97
17. masking tape– $2.47
18. sketch book– $1.47
19. bubble wands– $0.97 This is the bubble recipe we use to fill again once they run out
20. glitter glue– $3.18 For making slime like this
21. garden trowel– $3.77
22. garden cultivator– $3.77
23. stack of cups-$3.78
24. carabiners– $0.96
25. paracord– $1.94
26. spray bottle– $1.24
27. thermometer-$0.97
28. slinky– $3.00

Happy wonderful Easter. I hope you are still able to see friends and family to celebrate our risen savior! So very tahnkful for the cross of Jesus and I got to say, getting really into Walmart pick-up. Is the pandemic over yet?

Happy Easter dear friends. Be sure to make it fun for the kids, they will remember this time always, good or bad.

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