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Favorite Things of 2019

December 29, 2019
favorite things 2019

dollar tree bins— is there anything you can’t organize with bins from the dollar tree? reveal light bulbs— nothing has changed our house more than replacing old light bulbs with these Megan Fox Unlocked— she is a mennonite mom youtuber from lancaster, pa with the BEST youtube channel mac shape and shade brow tint— best eye brow tint ever scunci spiral twisters— my bun has never looked better/worst…


34 Weeks Pregnant With Twins After Loss

December 11, 2019

Hi guys, I am writing this amazed that we are thirty four weeks pregnant with our second set of twins. How can that be? I always say ‘WE’ when referring to pregnancy and I’m not really sure why, I guess because they are Tom’s babies too and truth is, I can’t do it without him. This pregnancy has been hard but fast, hard emotionally but going completely well…