MOPS Bucket List

November 11, 2019

Hi friends, you know how much I love my MOPS group. Who is excited for the To The Full theme at MOPS this year?  My group created  a To The Full Bucket List and I just wanted to share because it is so fun.

So how are we doing this? We gave each mom a copy of this list and we are going to hang a huge copy (34″X 46″) in our meeting room (as soon as I get it printed at staples) to check off as a group. Each time our group does an item (playdate at a new park, family game night etc) we check it off as a group.

Then every week (or every so often) we ask if anyone has completed anything on the bucket list and would like to share. We do this with highs and lows at the start of our meeting– there have already been cute stories! We also post challenges or opportunities to complete items on facebook in our private group (ex. create something and share it.)

It’s been so fun so we wanted to share. We were intentional about creating 52 things for the 52 weeks in a year. But we have no set week by week item in mind, our goal is just to encourage all of our moms to complete some of most of the list in the name of having more fun and living life to the full (no pressure).



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