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June 2018


Babies Update, 26 Weeks

June 24, 2018
Twin Update, Limb Body Wall Complex

Here is an update about our babies for everyone who has asked. Thank you so much for asking and for continuing to pray for us. Tom and I had a long, hard day at Johns Hopkins on Thursday but it was well worth it. The update is we got to meet with a chaplain and a neonatologist, who answered so many questions for both of us about what to…


When it Comes To Fathers

June 17, 2018

When it comes to fathers, I found the best. I’ve told Tom the best part of being married is watching him be a dad. Or if I haven’t told him, I should. The truth is, I give him a hard time; he’ll say all of the time, I say some of the time. Like this weekend, we were celebrating Father’s day with crabs (the best!), I ask Tom…


Our Hope Is Not False

June 9, 2018
hope is for real

When you have a high risk pregnancy like ours- carrying two babies with a fatal diagnosis, the idea of false hope is something other people think you should avoid. Just don’t have false hope they say. But our hope is not false. The first time I heard it, the person I was talking to sighed and said: “I just hope you and Tom don’t have false hope” I…