Wear a dress to work

May 9, 2018

Guess what! I did number eighteen on my 30 while I’m 30 bucket list:

18.) wear a dress to work. I did it and it was completely normal. 

Is it wrong to be impressed with myself? 

Here is the day I had enough courage to wear a dress to work and I had to document it: 

wear a dress day

It kind of looks more like a tunic in this picture but it is this jersey knit swing dress from Old Navy. They had them on sale for $10 the other day. I bought three in different colors because I thought they are casual enough to wear to work. 

I’m sure I have worn a dress one or two other times for work presentations but never all day long and never out in the field and never as a regular part of my wardrobe. Now I didn’t go wrestle any pigs or anything in this dress but I did do a chick inspection this day and I don’t think anyone thought anything of it. 

Because I wore bibs over it- you guys, this whole time I’ve been afraid of wear fancy clothes to work I forgot that I wear coveralls 98% of the time. Hahahahahha. 

So yes, I am someone who can successfully wear a dress to work and I feel all sophisticated. Like something normal women do. 

I totally packed extra clothes in my truck just incase because #fieldworkgetsmessy but otherwise it was not even a thing. No one even said anything.

 I did it again the next week: 

wear a dress to work

And I think ‘wear a dress to work’ is going to be my new thing let’s be real, it’s just like pajamas but acceptable. I feel like a just learned a thing. Like this is what grown-ups do. 


Also, stay tuned because I’ve been inspired to start a capsule wardrobe and I think it’s going to change my life. Lots more dresses for sure.

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