How I Met My Husband

May 6, 2018

Gosh I love ‘how I met my husband’ stories so here is mine.


I met Tom while showing sheep in 4H. The true truth is Tom and I met briefly in 4H while showing sheep. Our friendship grew five years later when I moved to Pennsylvania to be with another boyrfriend.

While I completely remember the moment I met Tom, Tom says he doesn’t remember it at all. whomp whomp.

how I met my husband

It was 2005 at a sheep weigh-in and it was my first (and last) year showing sheep at our county fair. I was an odd ball to be sure. Most kids start 4H when they are eight, I started when I was sixteen. 

But I’m glad I joined because that’s how I met my husband.

At that sheep weigh-in, Tom grabbed both my lambs by the halter and yanked them out of the bed of my truck. He was helping me because I had no idea what I was doing.

I will remember it always. 

We talked for a minute and it only took a minute for him to invite me to his house near Gettysburg, to shoot guns. Random right? It was totally fate. 

Tom stood out in 4H because he was he was tall and had red hair and was homeschooled. I ALWAYS had a thing red headed guys. He was also nineteen and still helping out the sheep program for 4H. Who does that? And most importantly, he loved Jesus and talked about it. He still does. 

That is how we met. 

And then one day he came to our FFA banquet and I had the strangest sense that I was so excited to see him, that I could talk to him forever. He started telling me about his civil war musket hobby and I told him my dad would love it. Who knew, now my dad is on his musket team. Fate you guys.

We both dated other people but he friended me on myspace (myspace!) and I remember thinking how much we had in common. After college, my boyfriend broke up with me right after I moved to Pennsylvania to be with him. I soon realized the only person I knew near me in Pennsylvania was Tom Taylor from 4H who lived near Gettysburg. I messaged him on facebook. First I checked to see if he was still single.

Thank goodness he wrote me back. 

I asked him to meet me at a diner in Hanover because I wanted to see if he was as cute as I remembered. I remember how good he smelt, I remember not wanting to stop talking to him, that night or ever. And he is really cute isn’t he?

But, as stubborn girls do I insisted for months all we would was friends. He was that kid I knew from 4H. #friendzone

So we were just friends for months. The whole time I was denying having any feelings for him. One night we were laying on a hammock in my parents backyard (because that’s what ‘friends’ do) and I gave him a list of reasons I could never date him. The first being he was too nice. He asked me why that was bad and I am sure I stumbled through some reason but the truth was I was already in love with him. 

And I was scared he wouldn’t love me back.

But he did. 

In a warehouse at his job one day while I sat on a forklift watching him sweep the floor, Tom told me either I had to be his girlfriend or we had to stop hanging out. He had sent me a long text about the same thing the night before and I hadn’t answered him. He asked me to pray about it. Tom was the first person who ever asked me to pray for God’s will about something so specific. When I prayed God didn’t tell me to date Tom but He told me I would know who my husband would be by August. It was June. I figured I better get on it.   

Three years later, Tom Taylor asked me to marry him. And what a long three years because I knew that August, he was the one I wanted to marry, just like God said I would. 

Those years from us first meeting in 4H as kids to deciding to get married were some of the most impatient of my life. I was always over thinking, over analyzing, and over pushing myself into other relationships, giving my attention to people and things that weren’t meant for me. And rushing everything. Our relationship almost didn’t turn into marriage. I was too impatient and too critical of what we were and where we were going. Did he really love me? He seemed perfect but was he really? My impatience and lack of trust in God really hurt us for a time. But by God’s grace and Tom’s patience that I got over myself to see what was in front of me- my husband. 

It’s worth noting that 2005, was not only the year I met Tom, it was the same year I gave my heart to Jesus. And that’s not a coincidence. Neither is how I we met or the fact that I spent years thinking of him only as a friend. It is all evidence of God’s perfect plan and sense of humor. Now our friendship and our marriage is more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

That’s how I met my husband. 

I love hearing all the ‘How I met my husband’ stories so tell me yours in the comments or on facebook. 

always grateful,


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    May 7, 2018 at 3:18 am

    Goodness gracious, I remember SO MANY double dates when you tried to convince me y’all were just friends… fooling no one, of course 😉

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    May 9, 2018 at 3:43 am

    Oh my goodness, all those double dates! You guys were the first to know what was really going on for sure, man I miss those times. 🙂

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