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May 2018


21 week anatomy scan and all of your prayers

May 26, 2018
21 Week Ultrasound Twins

You guys are praying for us, like really praying for us and we can feel it. We are so humbled by your prayers. Thursday was our anatomy scan for our twins and even though we get ultrasounds every week, this was the big one where the doctors look at all their fingers and all of their toes- which they have! Our doctors are still giving us the diagnosis…


Our second and third baby

May 22, 2018
twin pregnancy limb body wall

Hi guys, There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you. In January, Tom and I found out we are expecting another baby. In February we found out we are expecting twins. In March we found out our babies had several abnormalities and were deemed incompatible with life. Specifically, both of our twins have limb body wall complex. Now it’s May and I am 21 weeks pregnant with…


Tommy’s Two Year Update

May 18, 2018
Two Year Update

Our Tommy-man is two years old. And he is just so funny. Whoever calls twos terrible, well I just don’t know but it’s pretty terrific. Two-year-old Tommy is a total goofball. Everything is funny, everything is fun except when he doesn’t get the snack he wants. Then maybe I do get it. #toddlerlife Two Year Update Really, Tommy is still sweet natured (just like his dad) but maybe a…

Family Fun

The State Museum of Pennsylvania with a Toddler

May 16, 2018
Curiosity Center PA Children's Museum

The State of Pennsylvania Museum in Harrisburg has the cutest children’s museum for kids 5 and under.  When a friend told me she took her two year old and loved it, I was all about trying it out for Tommy. For something fun to do for a toddler, I definitely recommend making the trip. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for kids (ages 1-11). It is the general…


Wear a dress to work

May 9, 2018
wear a dress to work

Guess what! I did number eighteen on my 30 while I’m 30 bucket list: 18.) wear a dress to work. I did it and it was completely normal.  Is it wrong to be impressed with myself?  Here is the day I had enough courage to wear a dress to work and I had to document it:  It kind of looks more like a tunic in this picture but it…