My 30 before 30 Bucket List

January 17, 2018
 Today is my 30th birthday! Not to be all sentimental, but I truly believe the best parts of life come after 30. I was thinking about that today when I remembered that when I was 29– this time last year– I made a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30.

Spoiler alert I only did 11 outta 30. BUT, since 30 is going to be #mybestlife, I am going to call this my 30 while I’m 30 list and keep checking stuff off. Also, for the sake of accountability and blogging all the things, I’m going to write a blog post for each thing on the list– because this is important stuff. I mean, I’m 30.


This is going to be long so feel free to skip but this is my list summary so far:

01. Buy a house // we bought a house- yay!
02. Read Every Book In The Bible // I’ve read from every book in the bible, so that’s a half check.
03. Start a Business // I started a business– today actually. So does it count as before or after 30?
04. Eat Raw Oysters // I think I did but I can’t remember so I’m going to put it back on the list.
05. Learn to use a DSLR // I’m super comfortable with my camera so I’m calling it a win.
06. Go to a Conference // I went to a Joyce Meyer conference and it was so fun I want to go to more.
07.  Share the Gospel with 30 people // I have shared Jesus with people but I don’t know about 30. It may seem weird to put a number on it but it reminds me to share Jesus with people, like everyone.
08. Pay for Someone Else // So I think I thought I would pay for someone in a drive-thru, or at the grocery store and I haven’t yet so I will definitely have to.
09. Liquid eyeliner // why is it so hard? Someone teach me.
10. Grind Coffee Beans // I just love coffee so there’s that. Do you need a special machine? Yikes.
11. Sew a Piece of Clothing // And wear it.
12. Geocaching // Why is this on here? I have no idea.
13. Be A Mentor // Yes. No pressure.
14. Host a Dinner Party // This sounds so fancy but it might be #tacoTuesday.
15. Capsule Wardrobe // I feel like this is going to be a huge one for me.
16. Build a Website // Holler. I can build a website from scratch. No biggie
17. Blog Consistently // Hello, 2018.
18. Wear a Dress to Work // This is one that feels like will never happen but I’m going for it.
19. Dye my hair Red // I did this once and am doing it again this week.
20. Apply For a Patent // Y’all are going to be like ‘what in the world’ but go big or go home. If I could only figure out what for…
21. Meet Another Blogger // I need blogger friends, hit me up.
22. Start Something in the Community // I started a neighborhood facebook group but I’m going for something bigger…
23. Take Tommy to the Beach // We did and it was so fun.
24. Get Rid of Everything We Don’t Need // (aka KonMari) I’m so close I can feel it so I checked it.
25. Sell a Piece of Artwork // I did, on a t-shirt and it counts.
26. Find My People // I got to say, I thought this would be the hardest thing– but I found them, and they are my soul sistas. I have more friendships now than ever and I love how I don’t feel like I can have too many.
27. Plan a Date // This is going to make me sound… but I haven’t planned a date just for Tom, ever.
28. Scrapbook Tommy’s First Year // My goal is to do it before his second year…
29. Plant a Field of Flowers // I wanted to plant them and sell them too but at this rate I might just throw some seed out and hope for the best #farmingainteasy
30. Build a Piece of Furniture // Life goals.

Here we go! As I complete something from this gripping 30 while 30 goal list, I’m going to write about it and link it here so stay tuned.

Happy 30. What would be on your list? Or just your normal bucket list, like normal people do?


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    Dusty Lizard
    January 17, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    Liquid eyeliner: cat eye–I saw a tip to use a business card at the edge of your eye like a ruler. Just draw along the edge of the card and you have a straight line.

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    Stevie Hanna
    January 18, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    Love the blog! And I love lists! Good luck on your Bucket List and I completely feel ya on the best times happen after 30 (I'm 32, today actually!)

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