Christmas Gift Ideas For $10

December 15, 2017

Here are ten Christmas gift ides for ten dollars or less. Ten days before Christmas.
Are you still out there pulling all your shopping together? Don’t leave me hanging.
I’m really good at picking things out, not so good at buying it.

1. Stainless Steel Tumbler from Walmart
These are the bomb dot com.

2. Taco Socks from Amazon
Because, taco socks.

3. House Plant from Ikea
It’s like giving someone a pet. But not really.

4. Letter Board from Walmart
I found one of these in the back aisle at Walmart and fought the urge to buy one for myself because they are pretty cool.

5. Farmhouse Art from Hobby Lobby
Have you guys been to Hobby Lobby. All. the. art. It’s all great, and a lot of it is around $10.
Also who knew farmhouse decor was so popular. Or am I just that out of it.

6. Cat Oven Mitt from Amazon
May or may not have bought this.

7. Wireless charger from Ikea (this one is $11.99) but there are lots on amazon for $10 like this one.
Super useful.

8. Avocado Huggers from Amazon
Who doesn;t want to hug an avocado.

9. Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds from Target
If you want to give a food gift, I would go with these.

10. Home Sweet Home Doormat from Target
Everyone would want this right? Because I do.

You are welcome.


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