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November 12, 2017

This blog! Oh man.

So what is new is, this whole time I’ve been juggling life and motherhood, I’ve been saying, “but I have a baby”, but the truth is I have a toddler now. He’s not a baby. He’s not a baby! Ok he is totally still a baby. Always will be. Sorry not sorry, Tommy man. You are stuck with me, and you’re always going to be my baby. #becauseIsaysSo

But what is new y’all. Besides everything. Ummmmm.

Just going to jump into it.

Tommy was a chicken for halloween. It was fantastic. Except I had a moment of chasing- chasing! him through the parking lot during Light the Night at our church when I realized I chase chickens all day at work, just to dress my kid up as a chicken and chase him for Halloween. What’s up with that?

It must mean something. It DOES mean I immediately went home to see where to buy one of those leashes for kids. For real. I’m that parent and it’s a good thing.

Speaking of chickens. Did you know ‘backyard chickens’ is like the number 5th thing searched for on google? That must mean something. What does it all mean?

That’s what’s really new, me asking myself ‘what does it all mean’ at least five to six times a day.
What I do know, is that motherhood is a stinking blast. Like who signed me up for this because I am having a blast. No joke.

Also new, did you know that you can now order McDonalds from a machine, just like at Sheets? Whhhhattttt.

What is this? And did you know you can get diapers delivered to your door? From amazon?

What is this America that we live in? God is good!

So good.

Speaking of, you guys God has shown up for me BIG time lately. I have gotten back into seeking Him every day by setting apart time for prayer, and listening to what He wants to tell and show me.  I also realized how much NEGATIVE talk I’ve had in my life and just a shift to speaking POSITIVE things over myself and situations, wow you guys. WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE.

Just can’t even. Explain. But try it.

Hope all is well with my loyal blog readers. Are there any of you? Y’all are the bomb.com



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    Brenda Reinecke
    July 29, 2018 at 10:36 pm

    Hi Emily & Tommy,
    Uncle Tim & I are so proud of how strong, yet humble y’all have been through this whole journey. We are praying for y’all & believing w/y’all, & would love to get tgthr w/y’all for a meal. Maybe we can bring a meal over? Just let us know what y’all like. Btw, ck out a video called “Meet Jackson Strong” on YouTube. His parents went down a similar road as y’all, & I think it will be encouraging to your both! Love y’all very much!!!❤️ Love, Aunt Brenda & Uncle Tim???????‍?‍?‍???❣️

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