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What up home slices.

July 24, 2017

What up home slices?

So this would be where I say: hey! long time no blog but…I have a 16 month old child. So there’s that. Are there women who raise babies and blog at the same time? Because I want to be one of those women.

This raising babies thing is a hoot. Like how do people do this? Tom thinks I’m dramatic but I just speak the truth. The truth is I never want to forget this. Ever. There was a story with this picture- I think Tommy was in a bad mood and I felt like I fought him all day then he just sat on the chair like an old man to watch a tv show and it was the cutest thing. But I don’t know because I didn’t write it down in my blog. See y’all? Blogging is that important.

So yeah, just wanted to say hi!

Can you comment what you think I should blog about?  Because I’m dying to know. Like 115 posts about what my toddler ate for breakfast is that exciting? Recipes? (I can’t do that so don’t even ask) Life stuff? But for real, let me know.

K? Thanks!


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