Here’s the Thing: Why I Blog (even when I don’t blog)

March 27, 2017
Oh hi there! Long time no blog.

Do you know the number one rule of blogging?
#1 rule of blogging: never blog about how you never blog anymore.
Actually that must be #2, the #1 rule of blogging is: be consistent.

 Good thing my word for 2017 is consistency. Holler. 

But here’s the thing. On my list of things to be consistent about (and it’s a long one) blogging is last. Straight up last. And it has to be. Or I would get nothing done.


Awkward right? Why have this blog if I feel like I never blog?

This has been heavy on my heart lately because the other day I was taking a picture of something, I believe it was pancakes or I might have been recording a video for youtube (I know, right?) either way when Tom asked why I was taking so many pictures and I said “for the blog”,  he said:

“I don’t have time for your ego right now.”

As in my husband’s interpretation of why I document every thing in our lives is that it’s all about me. I’m so cool, look at me, me, me me.

It made me want to shut down this blog, quit my YouTube channel, cancel snapchat and become a Mennonite wife (more on the later). Because what if Tom is right? What if this whole thing is just selfish pride? Documenting life? Very egotistical right?


I had to think about it. And here’s the thing. The first time I hit publish on a ‘blog post’, wayy back in 2007, I didn’t do it because I was full of myself. I was TERRIFIED of writing on the internet. MORTIFIED at the thought that someone ccould read what I wrote and- they could comment?!

But I kept writing and not (dear husband) because I am egotistical. But because life is too funny and sweet not to write about it all. All of it. I have asked God to search me of selfish pride about blogging/documenting our life and oh boy, there was some. I was full of pride when I taught myself to code the backend of this blog. I was full of pride when this blog got 10,000 views. And I do a thing where I re-read posts that were especially satisfying to write- as confirmation, that yeah that was a good one. But I don’t write, I don’t blog because I am full of myself.

Here’s the thing:
I blog because….
I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” -Flannery O’Connor

Even though this chapter of motherhood/working/blogging/living ends up being lot less about blogging- that is why I blog, to sort out all of the things. All of the precious, sweet, funny things. Like pancakes and a husband who has no idea why you blog.

Let me know if you get it. Or don’t but I just felt like I had to, you know, blog about it.
I do want to promise to blog more but I’m not going to because you know, life BUT I hope to blog more especially since I just blogged about why I blog (even when I don’t blog).




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