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Week of Jul17: Date night & sleeping baby

July 31, 2016

What’s up party people? Two things are new this week: 1) we went on a real live date. I know. 2) Tommy slept through the night twice. I know! In the same week. What are the chances? I can hardly believe it myself. It was our first date since having Tommy so of course I documented it with a selfie (or six). Best of all, Tom planned the…

Life Motherhood

Three Months With Baby

July 20, 2016

They say if you can make it through the first three months with a baby, you can make it. Do they say that? Or did I just make that up? Either way we made it because our baby was three and is now four months old. Phew. Don’t ask why there is an alligator on the bed but- perks of having a three month old- you get to…