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Conversations W/ My Husband: Pancake Shop

Me: I have a business idea.

Tom: Raising hogs?
Me: It came to me in a dream.
Me: Pancakes to-go. 
Tom: What happened to raising hogs?
Me: Picture this- I’ll rent out one of those amish shed things like Crabby Scott has
Tom: Crabby scott has a trailer.
Me: Even better I’ll rent a trailer and make pancakes- TO GO . Do you get it?
Me: Like different flavored pancakes, fold them over and serve them out a drive-thru window. Put the syrup in the middle.
Tom: Like a food business?
Me: Yeah like, pancakes to-go. I’d eat one right now.
[10 minute pause]
Me: Flip Jacks!
Tom: What?
Me: The pancake place, I’d name it Flip Jacks.
Tom: Do you even know how to make pancakes?
Me: Everyone knows how to make pancakes.
Tom: Yeah, but do you?

Leave it to my husband, to crush my dreams. Just kidding! He keeps me honest. Because really- a food business- that’s a ton of work and I DO know how to make pancakes but mostly from a box….

I’d say don’t steal my business plan but please do because I would SO eat there.
Mmmmmm pancakes.

😛 Emily

Conversations W/ My Husband: Pancake Shop

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