Back to weekly blog posts! So many exciting things happened this week that I just had to write them down.

…First up: we bought a minivan and it’s a total God thing. We are both so pumped to own a minivan, who would have thought?

…Because we bought a minivan we have to budget for real now. I had own up to my iced coffee addiction.

I did the math: I was buying 1-2 coffees per day which adds up to like $60/month in coffee. In coffee! Whhhhattt. So I’ve decided to only buy ONE coffee drink out per month and make the rest at home. That coffee selfie was my one iced coffee for May. Feeling strong so far but the struggle is real you guys.

…Another total God thing: I was having some intense postpartum migraines. Super intense, I even ended up in the ER from the pain. Right after college I had similar headaches that ruled my life for about four months. They are the kind you can’t get out of bed with. Well praise God, this time they stopped after a couple of weeks and I got to meet with neurologist this week. That’s actually when I bought my one iced coffee for the month of May, because I forgot to write down the appointment time and showed up an hour and 15 minutes early. Treat yo self. I thought there was a chance the neurologist wouldn’t have an explanation or he would tell me I was going to have them forever off and on. Not the case. He said the headaches were just from ‘neck trauma’ during childbirth, that he sees it all the time in new moms and it just takes time for the neck to heal and the headaches stop. Such a simple diagnosis. I cried because I was so happy. The doctor hugged me then said, “be sure to take videos of that baby everyday because that is the stuff life is made of.” I said I would and that I would tell my husband he told me too. Thank God for good doctors.

…Speaking of our baby, Tommy turned two months old this week had a great two-month check-up- he is perfectly healthy and I took at least 4,567 pictures of him. The blessing of our baby’s health is totally not lost on us.

So, I was on the fence about taking a nice picture every month- you know the one with the clean outfit and the age sticker thing- but hello- he is my baby of course I am going to do it.

Now, I’m not complaining but taking baby pictures a lot of work. You have to like make the bed, check the lighting, change his outfits, get the baby to stop crying- phew. Plus my computer is about to crash from all these pictures and he’s only two months old. So worth it though. So so worth it I mean look at that cute baby.

That’s what we’ve been up to. God is so good to us.