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Baby Shower Fun

March 9, 2016

Are these cupcakes the cutest? I thought so too. I feel like the luckiest person to have a friend who makes cupcakes this cute and to have family who love me and our baby enough to throw us the sweetest baby shower.

The shower wasn’t a surprise but I was sworn off from helping in anyway which for once, was really nice. Usually I’m all up in things when our family tries to do something nice for us. Really I only did that once- for my bridal shower I wanted to know ALL the details but that was before I knew how nice it is to not get involved and just sit back and be blessed.

I felt especially blessed by these two women, the one who gave birth to my husband and the one who gave birth to me. I don’t think they had a baby shower when they were pregnant with us, my mom said they didn’t do things like that. They do so much for us both, so selfishly- for this shower both my mom and his stepped back to let my sister and Tom’s sisters run the show but even their version of stepping back meant organizing food and games and favors and decorations. I hope I’m a momma like them.

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