Last Day of Field Work, Snow & Pheasant Paintings

February 13, 2016

…Pheasants speak to me. I found a painting of a pheasant at Goodwill and now I’m thinking of changing our whole nursery theme. From Farm to “Game bird themed” is that a thing? Bird Dog themed? Or do we even need a theme? I have to admit, I thought about putting a shotgun over the crib if I buy it. Seriously though, just do it right? The pheasant painting, not the gun.

…My last day of field work was this Thursday, a whole month before I have this baby. Unless my co-workers are right and I “pop at any second” They keep saying I look like I’m about to pop and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m also not sure how I feel about not being in the field…

…Although, I am actually pretty okay with being stuck at a desk this time of year because woah- snow. I feels like it’s been snowing a ton. Tuesday this week I got stuck in not even an inch of snow trying to go into the office. Got to love two-wheel drive on a pick-up truck. As I was spinning out in the snow on the side of the road 36 weeks pregnant, I resolved to just be thankful that my bosses care about me enough to let me telework for a month until this baby comes- I’m so so lucky for that.

That’s about is for this week! Other than vaccumming the house every day twice a day, all I want to do is clean, the whole nesting thing- is for real.  Baby is healthy, we are happy and we can’t wait to have a baby in about FOUR weeks. Say what!

Hope you’re having a great week too.


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