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The Best Surprise

November 6, 2015

One two, baby!

So there we were, married for nine whole months.

We had just celebrated the fourth of July, went on an awesome trip to Cape Cod, were picking out new floors and paint colors for our house and one thing we were not doing- was thinking about having a baby.

And then…

You probably know where this is going.

One Friday, after work, I bought two pregnancy tests and took one. I really, really thought it would be negative. 2.8 seconds, there was one line then two.


I needed a minute. All I could think was how is this possible- how could God bless us with a baby just like that? Of course not thinking about having a baby sometimes leads to having a baby but for us- for us I always thought it would be harder, way more complicated to have a baby. I knew it was hard for some people. I really, really wanted to be pregnant some day and I have a tendency to overcomplicate everything so having a baby seemed complicated- and a long way off. With a lot of planning involved.

But there it was. A year sooner than Tom and I had thought, but perfect in God’s timing; a positive pregnancy test and a BABY.

Tom knew I was taking the test, he thought I was pregnant way before I did. All I did was complain about being dizzy and feeling nauseous for a week.

I said “hey, come look at this.”
He said “is it positive?”
I said “just come look at it.
He said ” that means it’s positive.”

Leave to my husband, Mr. Process of Elimination.
He finally came upstairs, stared at the pregnancy test, stared at me and asked if I had followed  the directions. We read the directions out loud to be sure. He argued that two lines meant neg- oh wait, wow no they didn’t. He stared again, I hugged him.

Then, my sweet husband who has always wanted to be a father said, “I think I need to go downstairs and finish watching the Orioles game.” Which meant, “I need a minute”.
And I TOTALLY understood. That is just how surprised he was, how surprised we both were. God’s timing is way more perfect than ours and while the thought of our first baby coming before we planned was a lot to take in, it will always be the very BEST surprise.

It has been 117 days since we got that surprise. I’m now 22 weeks pregnant and we found out that our sweet baby is a boy. Just about everything has taken a back seat to one thing- being pregnant.

Pregnancy is fun! Actually, it’s harder than I thought but every day I think of our baby, I remember how lucky we are, how perfect God is and even if unexpected- the gift of a baby is always the best surprise.

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