Happy July 7th! How was your fourth of July? Ours was spectacular and relaxing at the same time, which was quite perfect. Do you love the fourth of July so much?

I do and this year, I got my husband for the whole weekend and loved it that much more. Don’t ask what he is normally doing fourth of July weekend but it has to do with a reenactment and a famous civil war battle.

Anyhow, we spent the Friday before the fourth RELAXING at a lake. I read more than ten pages of a real live book! Turns out it this book I’ve been meaning to read for two whole years isn’t that good (it’s about Rabies but more about mythological history than science). But gosh it was nice to read.

And sit in the sun by a lake. I would have been fishing but don’t tell anyone- I still haven’t switched my driver’s license to be a Pennsylvania resident. Yikes. Tom rented a boat and spent the day on the lake catching nothing but having a blast. 

Then the best part of fourth of July- all you can eat grilled meat. Tom’s family came to the lake too and we had more hotdogs there than we could shake a stick at.

Followed up by ice cream, because America, that’s why.
The next day was the big day, the actual fourth of July. Somehow I went the whole week thinking the fourth landed on a Friday. Friday night, after hot dogs, the lake and ice cream we went on a double date to our hometown minor league baseball team. Fun fun and festive. The baseball game even had fireworks.

Saturday, the big day we relaxed even more and went over to a friend’s cookout, where we walked to a city park to watch more fireworks up close. Gosh I love America. Freedom, family, fun, a whole Friday fishing, frankfurters, fireworks, friends, food and always foremost, our faith- shaped up for frankly, a fun filled festive fourth.

Do you have any fun fourth of July traditions?
Please share but only if they start with F, we’re on a role over here. HAPPY AMERICA!