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Ag inspector Lesson #4: Always have dog treats

My boss taught me the second week of the job, always have dog treats.
Just keep them in your truck, she said.
I had met a gang of farm dogs already but not Sam.

Sam was locked up the first time I went to her farm. The second time she bit me, on my jeans not my actual leg and not hard but yeah. I thought she was crazy. We developed a routine, twice a week she charged the truck, blocked the driveway, I waited, she let me drive by, I threw her a treat out the window way far in the grass, she left me alone. Except when I forgot treats.
The farm has three other dogs but every time I pulled up it was “where’s Sam, where’s Sam, crap”.

I secretly always wanted to pet her though, grumpy crazy dog. Then I did. Out of the blue, just the other day, I looked down and Sam was next to me wagging her tail waiting for me to pet her, like we’ve been friends all along, she just wanted the treats.

Four years worth of treats.
I told my boss all this and she said yeah, isn’t she cute.

Yes she is. Super cute.

Ag inspector Lesson #4: Always have dog treats

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