Happy National Agriculture Week!

Do you celebrate? Today is the last day for #AgWeek2015. If you work in agriculture you can’t miss it- a whole week dedicated to the best industry there is- unless you are actually farming and not all up on social media, then you might miss it.

Someone asked me why we need a week to celebrate agriculture. I guess I thought it was pretty obvious. Without agriculture there is no food. Or a lot of things. There’s definitely no hamburgers, or hamburger buns. Maybe that person meant, every day is ag day so why set aside a week to celebrate but I think they meant- what’s the point? The point is hamburgers aren’t raised at McDonald’s.  People grow food. And people forget that people grow food. Food is pretty important to all of us, agriculture is pretty important to all of us.

I don’t remember what I said when someone asked me why we needed Ag Week. It was back in my energetic FFA days when I was promoting Ag Week and Ag Day to anyone who would listen. I wish I was quick enough say “because hamburgers aren’t raised at McDonald’s” but I wasn’t. Now I just take pictures of hamburgers and blog about it. No worries if you missed Ag Week it happens every year and really- every day is Ag Day.