Ultra Lightweight EVA Boots by Tingley

Not everyone will appreciate the magic that is this pair of boots but if you wear rubber boots for a living you might. The first time I picked one up I thought it was a joke.  Like just the insert of a real boot or a display prop to show you what the real boot looked like. Socks are heavier than these boots. I didn’t buy them for a whole week thinking there was no way they were worth $35 but rubber boots are mandatory for state livestock inspectors and I lost my last pair driving down the highway.

These boots are magic. Like walking on air magic. I can’t stop talking about them, I even started taking one off as I am wearing them to hand to people- “feel how light this is”, which is kind of awkward.

The ag supply store clerk sold me on them when he said he knew dairy farmers that wore them in the winter and they seemed to hold up. The description says they are made from ethylene vinyl acetate, which, now that I’m thinking about it might not hold up to the strong disinfectant we use but if they hold up at all they’ll be a favorite forever.

You can buy them on amazon: http://amzn.to/1b8RJ6X 
and be equally impressed.

ps. if you have these and they are junk you are going to break my heart but let me know in the comments.