The last day of our honeymoon we stopped here. A BBQ restaurant in Salisbury, MD. And I got so excited I just about jumped out of the car. 

Taylor ‘s BBQ? What are the chances! Pretty good according to Tom. There are a lot of Taylors. I wanted a picture.

Me: Should we ask them if we are related?
Tom: No.
Me: But they could be, then we’d have family that makes BBQ.
Tom: Probably not.

Tom didn’t think Rick Taylor running for sheriff was a relative either. It still doesn’t get old but there are really a lot of Taylors. I’m actually not a Taylor. I write it on everything and claim to be. Five months after being married I still haven’t legally changed my name. Truth. It started out because of medical insurance, I didn’t think it would cover me if I changed me name half way through a knee surgery process. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered.  Now it’s just a hassle and I keep putting it off. Anyone else procrastinate on something so important? I met a woman who waited three years. This picture just motivated me. Mostly because I wanted to make it my profile picture and Tom reminded me of one small detail. Just a name change.