I showed my co-workers pinterest forever ago. They weren’t impressed with my avocado black bean won tons or the 30 minute barbecue chicken pizza. I tried to explain how we could use pinterest for work. We could pin things we use in the field to share with people. Like footbaths. We could write mini tutorials on how to make a footbath. No one understood what I was talking about.

Then one day our purchasing officer and I had to stock an avian influenza response trailer. The day before a grant cycle ended. When a grant cycle ends, you run out of money so we had to buy things quick. There I was, wishing there was a way to pin item urls with a note about how many and what size and what type, and nitrile instead of latex so she wouldn’t get confused and wouldn’t you know it- that’s what pinterest does. You can pin things. The exact right things you want, with images and a url. This time I didn’t ask permission, I pinned things on a secret board and crossed my fingers that our purchasing officer had a pinterest account too even if she didn’t act like she knew what I was talking about. She did. It worked. My co-workers still have no idea what I’m talking about.