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Goat Farming | The struggle is real

I went to college to be a dairy farmer. And not dairy goats. I wanted to raise cattle.  
Five years out of college, I still don’t own any cows.  
I have goats though. 3.5 of them and {hopefully} two babies on the way. I don’t tell people that I am a goat farmer but when someone asks if I farm I say, I have goats. Which isn’t farming at all but is at the same time. My sweet mother-in-law is the real goat farmer. She is the one who feeds them and takes care of them on days like this- it snowed five inches today. Gosh my mother-in-law is the best.

About 2011 when I got serious about dating Tom, I also got serious about raising goats. I started telling people I was going to be a serious goat farmer, that big money was in raising meat goats. I told all the guys at the livestock auctions I inspect, I told all my co-workers at the Department of Ag, I told a goat extension specialist and everyone said, “are you sure?”  I was so sure. I even lined up a greek goat buyer who said he’d buy as many as I could raise.

Then I got two goats. Boy do goats try your patience. Just really really try your patience. From jumping every fence we put them in to tripping us up when we try to feed (that goat in the picture) to getting sick with parasites (not their fault) during wet summers, goats are trying.

We’re raising goats in central Pennsylvania and goats do better in arid climates like Texas or Colorado. Our goat extension specialist told me that. I didn’t think it made a real difference but last year we lost six goats to parasites. I was going to give up raising goats. But I haven’t. If you are a goat farmer you know the struggle is real. But it is worth it right? Right? I’ll write more about plans for our goats- we have big plans. Tom and I are even going to a goat conference this weekend, he’s super excited for it let me tell you.

Did you ever have a business idea that turned out to be way harder than you thought? Have you ever raised goats? Let me know in the comments. If you do I’ll send you some goat bologna.

Goat Farming | The struggle is real

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