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Aztec Jamberry Nails

I wasn’t big on doing nails until these Aztec Jamberry nail wraps converted me. How prettttyyy. My sister-in-law sells Jamberry and these and cow spot ones were the first I bought. Or she might have given them to me. That was probably a year ago. I found the rest of sheet the other day and keep meaning to put them on. I love these Aztec Jamberrys, apparently this pattern is on the “extinct list” so you can’t buy them anymore which is a shame. Jamberrys overall are pretty fun but my application skills aren’t the best and part of me fears manure will get stuck in under the nail adhesives. Or animal guts. Not that I play in manure and we wear gloves during necropsies but you know. They are lovely though.


Aztec Jamberry Nails

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