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February 2015


Patience & Poultry Testing

February 9, 2015

Poultry testing. When I told my physical therapist that was my big weekend plans she thought I said poetry reading. I understand her confusion. This weekend was our annual poultry testing certification class which is way more fun than poetry reading. Poultry testing is a required skill for state livestock inspectors and one we are able to teach the public. In just four hours, a written exam and…


Why’s your hood open baby girl?

February 5, 2015

Any other women hate it when you have to look under your hood at a gas station? If you do, is it because you hate looking under your hood or because at least three, maybe five men will ask if you are okay? I so dread it. Instead of being thankful that anyone would offer help, I get in, “I’m a woman, I can fix things.” defense mode…