2014 was the year I got a husband.
And not just any husband, the best husband.

If you’ve met Tom, you know how funny he is and that he has a beard- no one let’s him forget that. He has a beard. The man has a beard. If you talked to Tom you would know more about guns, you would know what’s new with the Baltimore ravens and probably something funny he heard from a farmer or some joke he saw on facebook.

If you worked with Tom, you would notice that he is always patient and he’s always in a good mood. The man is always in a good mood.

If you married Tom, your phone would get plugged in every morning, you would hardly ever have to cook dinner and your life would be better than you ever expected.

2014 was the year I married Tom. So you are out of luck.

Praying under a pine tree at twelve years old I asked God if I could just get a hint of my husband’s name. Just his name so I knew he was out there. I guessed a lot of names but I never guessed Tom.

Then I met Tom and I didn’t have to guess. The man has a beard, he’s funny, he loves farming, he fixes tractors, likes guns, uses facebook, cooks dinner, plugs in my phone, and is always patient and always kind. Husband material. My husband material. Marrying him made 2014 my luckiest year yet.