15 Christmas Gift Ideas | 15 Days Before Christmas

December 10, 2014

You’ll notice this is titled this both Christmas Gifts & Christmas Thoughts. Mostly because I can hardly decide on anything. Especially gifts! I scoured the web for most of these gems, wasting enough time to put off buying anything for my husband. Gun parts are just not as exciting as all of this, am I right? 15 days to go. I then went to canva and made a illustration about it all. You are welcome.

Here are 15 gifts ideas for weirdos on your Christmas list. 

  1. Penguin | Ace Hardware In-Store: Forgot to look at the price but who wouldn’t love a penguin with a scarf? I want to make 56 of them, one for everyone on my list. 
  2. Holstein Coffee Sleeve $7.00 | etsy.com: For the coffee drinking, livestock inspecting, commuters on your list. Or anyone who likes Holsteins. 
  3. Best in Show Dog Card Game $8.79 | amazon.com: A card game about showing dogs? I bought it. 
  4. Inflatable Turkey $12.99 | amazon.com: sssssshhh. Don’t tell anyone but this may be in a box at one of three gag gift exchanges I have and I’m probably going to steal it back and then sign up to bring turkey for next years work party. 
  5. Bacti Plate Ornament | etsy.com: For your streaking friends. Micrelle is all sold out but I think it’s  DIY-able. 
  6. DIY Shrinky Dink Dog Necklace | withlovely.com: Cute + customized + doggies, make it for the crazy  dog women
  7. Case IH Ertl Tractors $5.00 | Ace Hardware In-Store:  Buy tiny Ertl tractors, make them into ornaments and gift them (or sell them at your husband’s work as I plan to do next year).  
  8. Plastic Flamingos $5.70 | amazon.com: Another gag gift. I’m buying two. Putting them in a box with holes and a exotic bird shipping paper. Then writing a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) from FL to MD. You’d have to be there. 
  9.  Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Scrubber $15.56 | amazon.com: Seriously an awesome gift, I have one and it’s the  bomb. Thinking for my mom, and any other women with skin. 
  10. Shower Squids $36.00 | uncommongoods.com: No idea who needs these but someone does. 
  11. I like Pig Butts & I can not Lie Cozies $9.97 | amazon.com: Don’t we all? 
  12. Reindeer Sweater $49.99 | amazon.com: Pretty obsessed with reindeer sweaters and this is my favorite found on Amazon. Trust me, I searched forever and a week. Tweens, Teens, College Grads, Suburban house wife, everyone loves reindeer sweaters.
  13. T-Bone Steak Ornament | etsy.com: This item sold in 2012 but I’m keeping hope RosiesMeats will make more. 
  14. Shark Slippers | thinkgeek.com: I have a nephew who would wear these, which made me realize how much we have in common. 
  15. Horse Pillow | lightinthebox.com: For your equestrian friends (or bosses) who like cute pillows. 

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