They gave us a turkey for Thanksgiving! How nice are my husband’s bosses? Every year they buy turkeys- one for each of their 300+ employees. Fresh from a turkey farm in Lancaster County, PA. Tom got the first one last year and I remember staring at it in disbelief. A whole turkey, they bought us a whole turkey. Who does that?
My husband’s company, that’s who. Another perk of marrying a tractor parts salesman. The kindness of a whole turkey is contagious. It seems most employees donate their turkeys to a charity or family in need, something I thought of after Tom made big plans to smoke ours. Smoked turkey it is. We devoured a turkey my sister-in-law cooked to perfection and another by my mother while this turkey sat in our freezer on Thanksgiving. An abundance of turkeys is not they only one thing we have to be thankful for. I am thankful for that husband of mine; not just for the free turkeys he gets us. And for God’s amazing grace and abundant love. Everything is better when you have that. Tom’s company is a Christian company. They don’t announce it but they don’t have to. The turkey gift says it all. 
Happy Thanksgiving from the {new} Taylors and our free turkey.