So that sheep that head-butted me tore my ACL. Or I did. Either way my dog wants to go for a walk but that’s not happening. Here are some things that are happening though. Thank goodness for podcasts.

Currently I am….. 

Listening to: The Serial Podcast!!!! (+ a ton of podcasts)
Reading: Live 10, Jump-Start the Best Version of Your Life by Pastor Terry Smith
Excited about: digital ministry at church 
Watching: Big Love (five seasons in 2 weeks, not proud, just saying)
Looking forward to: Tom and my 1st Annual Non-Halloween Halloween party! It’s going to be a blast. Except I don’t think I can make a full blown mallard duck costume in time. We’ll see.
Grateful for: my husband, and his mom
Loving: The OS X Yoesmite upgrade- everything is so fassst 
Admitting: my love for all things tech 
Learning: how to resize/apply filters to images the professional blogger way and going way too heavy on the filters in the process
Googling: same as above  
Paying attention to: my Google + profile 
Soaking up: Amy Schmittauer from Savvy Sexy Social on YouTube– this girl has it. going. on 
Missing: farm chores
Putting off: thank you notes 
App loving: songsa