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Knee Jam From a Ram

Coming to you live for my first blog post as a married woman! Along with my new husband Tom, I’ve acquired a cuddly new dog and a mother-in-law who brings me Chi in bed from Sheetz which is a really good thing because I am stuck at home in bed. For a today, tomorrow, a week and maybe longer.
The sheep below is the reason I’m stuck in bed and he’s the reason my right knee is swollen to the size of a small melon. Actually, I’m the reason but it’s easier to blame the sheep.

All 240 lbs of him rammed into me and tore my ACL.

I managed to jump the fence and laid in the grass wondering how I would explain this to anyone, especially my husband, his mom and my co-workers.

I tore my ACL because in a hurry, I put a mature buck (goat) in with a mature ram (sheep) during breeding season. And then changed my mind. 

So far this knee injury from a ram cost me 102+ hours of sick leave, $543 for surgery and a big chunk of my pride.

Stay away from overly jealous sheep,


Knee Jam From a Ram

2 thoughts on “Knee Jam From a Ram

  1. I just heard yesterday about your meeting of the Buck…..I sure hope your knee is getting better and nothing other then rest is needed….Love your blog!! Laura

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