Before I learned how to use a foundation brush and eyebrow powder, I thought my wedding day would for sure be the only time I wore full blown make up. Then I watched youtube. Make up is a blast. During the weeks leading up to our wedding bought a ton of make up, convinced I could do it myself and save money. DIY make up only saves you money if you already own the make up you want to wear, I had none. 

Most brides either have mad skills to do their own make up, have money for a make up artist or have a friend that does banging make up- I had none. Enter Ulta. They put make up on you! For $30.00 I got full blown wedding make up the morning of my wedding and I loooved it. Before deciding to go to Ulta, I spent at least $90 on make up and even with youtube, I had no idea what to do with it. Turns out most remained unopened so I was able to take it back but still, make up is expensive and while you are paying for one day’s worth of make up with a salon application service, it’s way worth it.

For my make up I went to the Ulta in Hanover, PA. If you go there ask for Jana- she’s terrific.

Addtional Tips For Using Ulta For Wedding Make Up:
Watch a bunch of youtube make up videos so you have an idea of what you like and what products you want to try. I had a list of 20 some, with specifics like- foundation without spf so I didn’t get flash back from the camera. My favorite make up youtuber is Leighannsays (she is the bomb!)