When we bought our house the first video I took was of our dogs running through it. (See video here) I was pumped to have both dogs in the same house. How much fun they’ll have! How much fun we’ll have, our dogs together at last. 

That was on a wednesday, the same day they jumped on our nice white couch for the first time..

They looked cute so I took a picture. Sweet goofy dogs.

Two days later they ate the blinds. They ate three more sets before Tom made it a habit to pull them up before work. Then it was the trash, the trash with the snapping lid we got just to keep them out of. The lid didn’t work. I blame the black dog, Tom blames mine.

They’ve gotten in the trash at least a dozen times since then. Not to mention any food that is left out any where in the kitchen- half a pack of oreos, a loaf of french bread, a box of chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, you know just because. We’ve had to rethink every time we have food out, like puppy proofing kind of thinking. Along with the trash eating came accidents- poop on the floor in our brand new house. I don’t even want to talk about that part.

There is also the carrying of odd things to odd places, all day long.  Like a box of nails into the kitchen.

And the tv remote to the backyard.

Two dogs in a townhouse, just living the dream.