Tom and I raise goats. Meat goats. Right now we have 16 of them. I only own four, Tom and his family own the rest. The goat business is a real business believe it or not. We were only half in it until the other day when we managed to buy a nice buck for $250.

His name is Cowboy, he’s a year old and from some darn good goat genetics. When I went wedding dress shopping the other week, I cringed when a dress I liked was $299 and put it back (my dress budget is $150). My family and friends and just about everyone else said I had to budget at least $500 to get a quality dress. I said they were crazy. But when I heard Cowboy was for sale I got $250 cash and picked him up the next day. They said I was crazy.

A wedding dress is for a day, a Boer goat is forever? Something like that. Goat’s aren’t forever but a breeding buck’s legacy is near close. Bucks give you babies, and those babies have babies and those babies have babies and if they didn’t come from good stock you really aren’t in the goat business at all. It’s all about priorities. The fate of a whole business or a dress to wear for one day? A smart woman chooses the goat.