I am an Agricultural Inspector. It’s the best job in the world. Everyday is different, everyday I get to do something that means something- for the best industry there is. I had no idea what I would be doing at first. I still have a hard time explaining it.

I wish I could talk about every disease investigation I’ve ever been on, every farmer I’ve ever met, every conference call I’ve ever listened to but we can’t do stuff like that. I wondered about blogging about it at all, but it’s too big a part of my life not to.

I inspect livestock. For diseases. Like big diseases, highly contagious, sometimes zoonotic diseases. I am not a veterinarian. I am just an inspector.  That’s the short version.

The longer version is:  I work for the state government, the State Veterinarian’s office. Although I have three offices, my real office is the cab of a truck. There’s at least one of us in every state. In my state there are three of us. We test poultry, count hogs, tag cattle, clean trucks and a whole lot more. Typical topics of conversation around our office are: feral swine populations, poultry regulations, how to get farmers to tag cattle, testing methods for avian influenza, and the need for pockets in tyvek. It’s fun work, challenging work and a privilege of a job.