Let’s just take a photo on the farm for a “Save The Date” postcard I said. It will be fun I said. And simple.

So guess what we did today. Gosh people making photo taking look easy.
We could of sent out a google reminder. Or a text. Facebook message? I wanted save the dates, had to have them in fact. We did get some very nice photos thanks to my almost sister-in-law’s patience and camera skills. I’m exaggerating about the work involved, I just had to smile and get my dog to smile. It’s just that I had way too many ideas on how to make it cute and most of them involved livestock, props and a fiance who as I have mentioned before, loves me but hates how often I want to take photos. It occupied entirely too much brain space for one day. 
Not complaining, just saying. Next time you see that super cute save the date with the fiance and the dog and the whatever and the horse and the numbers are spelled out in the grass next to hay bale with a fence and the sun is setting; consider how cute that is but how remember how simple it is just type the date on a card. 9-27-14. Then if you are like me, do the photo thing anyway.