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DIY Horseshoe Jewelry Holder

The first time “horseshoe jewelry holder” came up on my pinterest newsfeed, I knew I had to make one. So I made one for my best friend, an equestrian and lover of all things horseshoe. 
Luckily it was really easy to make because I waited til the day before Christmas eve to make it, of course. 
How to Make a Horseshoe Jewlery Holder
Step 1: Find horseshoes, if you have little patience like me just buy them at TSC
Step 2: Pick a piece of board to nail them too, paint it, stain it or keep it the way it is
Step 3: Nail horseshoes to the board
Step 4: Add nails to hang jewelry from
Tada! That’s it. Chances are whoever you give it too will adore it. 
DIY Horseshoe Jewelry Holder

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